Moneta Super - SMSF Specialist

October 2020

We are certainly living in interesting and challenging times. The Moneta Super business has successfully adapted to the new normal and continues to support and serve its customers.  There have been some changes to the business over recent months and we actively pursue new initiatives that will add value to what we do and how we do it.  The requirements of regulators must be met and Moneta Super is delivering on this score.  This communication covers a number of matters and we hope you find it valuable.

Covid-19 has brought home how quickly circumstances can change for individuals and families.  Key decision-makers may be unable to perform their normal role for weeks, or maybe much longer.

Moneta Super will be active in offering to engage with SMSF trustees to make sure that current and potential arrangements for the management of the SMSF in changed circumstances are understood and appropriate.  This work may benefit from engaging with other professionals such as lawyers and accountants.

As well, this could be a good time to review SMSF member death benefit nominations and consider any opportunities for beneficial change.

Russell Warmington | Moneta Super
Chris Heyworth was appointed a Director in August 2019 replacing Ashok Tulsiani who stepped down as a director to concentrate on day-to-day business management. Chris was also appointed as Company Secretary in July 2020 replacing Lance Livermore who retired after many years of service.



The beneficial owners of Moneta Super are Chris Heyworth, Russell Warmington, Ashok Tulsiani and Ken Maher.  Each is involved in the direction and management of the business. 
Asking & listening

Moneta Super is increasing its efforts in researching more extensive SMSF strategies.  We look forward to bringing beneficial new ideas and strategy opportunities to our customers.  We sought feedback to confirm the topics and solutions we think would be worthwhile actually appeal to customers.  Recently Moneta Super ran a Zoom session with a small group to seek their views on a sample of strategies.  Responses were positive and have given further momentum to this project.  We will keep in touch with more information on what we are doing and how you might benefit as the pieces fall into place.