SMSF Services

SMSF Services

SMSF Setup and Administration

Peace of mind that your SMSF is setup correctly and we can administer your SMSF for you.

  • We can setup your SMSF correctly
  • We can manage your SMSF related mail correspondence
  • We will work with your current accountant and/or your financial planner

SMSF Taxation and Accounting Services

SMSF is a Specialised field, have Moneta Super can help manage your SMSF Taxation and SMSF accounting.

  • We can deal with SMSF Tax related matters
  • Provide specialised accounting services

SMSF compliance

SMSF regulations change regularly so compliance can be a big issue. Moneta can:

  • Help keep your SMSF compliant
  • Keep you up-to-date on changes
  • Forward planning for your SMSF

Superannuation consolidation

SMSF consolidation – most likely you will have several superannuation fund and some you may have forgotten. Moneta can:

  • Help find all your superannuation funds
  • Consolidate these fund into your SMSF

SMSF Technical Advice

All changes to SMSF legislation create a number of complexities, some of which are not always easily seen. Moneta can:

  • Provide technical advice on current and new legislation
  • Advise on the best actions to keep your fund compliant

SMSF Mail House Service

Don’t want to do all the paperwork? We can receive and filter all the mail pertaining to your SMSF sending you only important correspondence eg.

  • Investment documentation
  • Regulatory notices
This ATO Video sums it up well. Running a SMSF can be rewarding but there are a lot of checks and balances requiring qualified professionals to help operate the fund.

Key Points

  • A Self Managed Super Fund will give you more control over your super — but you can’t do it all yourself!
  • You will need an independent self managed super fund auditor who is registered with ASIC to complete your fund’s audit each year.
  • Each year, you need to value your assets at market value. In some circumstances, you will need an independent valuer who is qualified to do this, for example to value artwork.
  • Many trustees may also need help from other people to run their self managed super fund. You can use an administrator who will manage most of the day-to-day running of your self managed super fund.
  • Each year you need to prepare financial accounts and statements that meet the accounting standards.
  • Most trustees arrange for a tax agent to lodge their self managed super fund annual return.
  • You may consult a financial planner for wealth or estate planning or an investment manager to help you choose and monitor fund investments.
  • For complex situations, you may also want to consult a superannuation, tax or legal specialist.
  • So as you can see — you certainly can’t do it all yourself! There are quite a few people that you need to work with to make sure your fund is managed well.
We have help you setup and manage your SMSF effectively, with the minimum of fuss that will save you time and stay compliant in the ever-changing world of superannuation.

SMSF is a Specialised field, Moneta Super can help manage your SMSF Taxation and SMSF accounting.

 Moneta Super has been offering specialised SMSF services for over 15 years. We have a team of SMSF specialists that are CPA, ASIC and SPAA (SMSF Professionals Association of Australia Limited) accredited.


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